By Dave Ford – Owner

In the spring of 2012, I purchased 4 young trees about 3’ tall to place in the yard of a house I recently purchased. The summer of 2012 in Kansas City would be a summer with no rain and higher than normal temperatures. It wasn’t long before I was watering the new trees every couple of days. 

The Problem

In order to water around the entire root ball evenly I had to move the hose at least 4 times per tree or 16 moves for all 4 trees. That’s about an hour and a half to water 4 trees. I knew there had to be better way and the Waterhoop was born. 

The Solution

The Waterhoop is open ended so it very easy to move from one location to another and waters evenly around the root ball all at one time. Using the Waterhoop I was able to water the 4 trees in about 30 minutes, a significant time saver. After using it for a while on trees I realized it worked great in the flower bed for watering bushes and plants. I also got tired of going back and forth to the spigot on the house to adjust the water flow, so I put a valve right on the Waterhoop, a feature that people really like. 


The Waterhoop is easy to use, it saves time and waters evenly around the root ball. You also conserve water when you use a Waterhoop. The arms of the Waterhoop move independently and you can control the water flow at the unit so you can water more accurately, reduce runoff and conserve water. Waterhoop also works great with a timer and or rain barrel.