People Love the Waterhoop – Over 10,000 Units Sold

Business Description

We manufacture and market our own patented inventions.
Products of Innovation, L.L.C. manufactures and markets our revolutionary new patented watering device “Waterhoop”. Putting this unique, environmentally friendly device in the hands of homeowners is the core of our mission.
We present a fantastic opportunity that is potentially very lucrative for the right person or company. The lawn and garden market is huge and the Waterhoop has carved out a space for itself in this niche market. Over the last several years Products of Innovation has sold well over 10,000 units of this patented device on Amazon. People love the Waterhoop because it is easy to use and efficient. Also, it saves time and water.
There are tens of thousands of lawn & garden retailers and nurseries in the U.S. selling ornamental trees, saplings, shrubs, and garden tools. The Waterhoop is positioned to further penetrate this market under the guidance of the right person or company with the resources to bring this product to full fruition.

You can be the person or company that takes the Waterhoop to the next level and cash in on previous work accomplished. People will always need to water trees. The groundwork has been done; we have taken Waterhoop from the batter’s box to 2nd base. With the right resources and knowledge Waterhoop will ascend to become a major national brand. This is an exciting offering to become owner of a new national brand for a reasonable investment. With the proper resources applied and considering the size of the lawn and garden industry, Waterhoop has substantial growth potential and is a significant money-making opportunity.

Asking Price: $125,000
Cash Flow: N/A
Gross Revenue: $162,000
Inventory: N/A
Established: 2013

Copyright © 2022 Products of Innovation, LLC Waterhoop™ U.S. PATENT: 9,504,210 B2

The Problem and the Solution

Tens of thousands of nurseries and lawn and garden businesses in the United States sell young trees and saplings. Until now there has not been a hose end device specifically designed to water trees and saplings. That has been a problem waiting for a solution. The Waterhoop has solved that problem. Over 10,000 units sold.

Unique Features and Benefits

• Waters evenly around the entire root ball at one time – Saves time
• Adjust the water flow at the Waterhoop, no need to walk back to the spigot – Saves time
• Open-ended – Makes moving from tree to tree easy and conforms to a variety of shapes
• Targeted watering reduces waste by concentrating the water efficiently over the root ball


The Waterhoop brand, including patent and trademark, is currently available.

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